It is a social experiment!

Unfortunately, we keep finding that things are left outside our doors outside opening hours, even though we have made it known in huge letters on the door and also on the website that we do not want this. We feel violated by this, as you are signaling that you are disregarding our communicated needs for smooth operation. We are particularly annoyed by large pieces of furniture, baby carriages, broken or dirty clothes and carelessly thrown together leftover boxes. Mountains of video cassettes, for example, are also annoying because they are stupid to dispose of. We usually take clothes placed in bags outside the door directly to the container. We would be very happy if you could take this work off our hands.

For everything you hand in, please consider whether it can actually be received as a gift or whether it is more work to process or dispose of than it is worth.

In order to develop an understanding for this, we would like you to hand in the items during opening hours so that you can take the items that cannot be used with you for your own disposal. We would prefer it if you could see for yourself what is needed in the store and what is available, so that you can make room for your precious gifts and sort them yourself.

Solidarity not charity

In 2023 we have said goodbye to our sponsor Transition Town Witzenhausen e.V.. We are an independent group. Our goal is to create so much awareness among our visitors for the requirements of a smooth operation that we basically only have to open and close the doors. With this in mind, you are all welcome to get involved! This starts with you actually bringing us only fine gifts so that we have to dispose of as little as possible, so that we have as little trouble, stress and work with the material as possible.

In addition to donations, we are also very happy about regular help. If you are interested, just join us for a shift or contact us by email.