All free – all just trash?

Yes – we live in a throwaway society. The profit-oriented economy requires the principle of planned obsolescence to function in the long term. This inevitably leads to a lot of scrap being found in our free stores. It is particularly annoying when it is simply left outside and we then have to dispose of it. We would like to see a completely different way of doing business, we don’t want to be a mere redistribution point for the scrap we produce. We want a society in which the power by which things are created is respected again and not just seen as a mere basis for increasing our own. What could that look like?


In the native North American culture, passed down alive in the practices of the Lakota, there was and still is a special thanksgiving ceremony, the Wopila, on the occasion of successful rituals. In gratitude for enabling spiritual development, the spiritual disciple presents the entire tribe with precious and abundant gifts so that everyone receives their share. The gifts are usually self-made and thus reflect the personality of the disciple. This is to express: “I give because I know that I am a part of you. By receiving, you become a part of me”. It is not easy to transfer this to our modern world. Above all, where is the tribe and where is the spiritual practice? Art can give us a glimpse of where our journey might take us.

The Vector-Equilibrium

This geometric shape represents a balanced energetic state. All vectors are of equal length. Every natural system strives for this state. So does our Stoffwechsel. Without a balanced give and take, the store would either be empty or overflowing. The forces that lead into the system also lead out again. Therefore, please only give gifts that you would like to receive again in another life situation.

The Great Circle

The vector equilibrium consists of a number of nested circles. If every natural system strives for this form, then so does our earth. In our highly complex, fully networked world, it is difficult to differentiate between groups that are responsible for our development, just as the tribe once was. The stars are knocking at the door. We have indeed become one human family. This great circle becomes visible in public spaces that are dedicated to balancing forces, like Stoffwechsel. So please treat this room and the people in it like the rooms of your family.

I am writing this text on the occasion of the gift of a print of a vector equilibrium (as well as other beautiful graphics) by the brilliant graphic artist, Veskor Cassiopeia. It is ideal to symbolize the basic principles of our metabolism and will shine above the entrance in the future. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift, dear Veskor. This really touched my soul.

Johannes Winter for Stoffwechsel